Unlimited potential to help
Canadians age well and live well in their own homes

Knowledge Extraction

Integrating and making sense of data from different sensors and devices

Shared Data Bundle

Offering affordable open access infrastructure for researchers and developers across Canada


PATH interoperability solutions provide a complete set of scalable Software modules


Bridge the gap between invention and commercialization with efficient testing in large samples of homes

About PATH

Bring the power of connectivity, big data and AI to every researcher

Mission is to provide a nationwide testing and optimization service for home health technologies that will accelerate the availability of appropriate smart systems for seniors’ and patients’ home health care

Vision is to bring the ease of use of Plug and Play platform where researchers and developers can connect their devices with a low-code authoring experience.

Why Join PATH

Reasons for researchers joining PATH

The deployment of the system in at least 4 locations across CANADA and in more than 350 homes will produce a big dataset that can be harnessed to facilitate the development of data fusion and AI algorithms.

Data Exchange

PATH is transforming the ways scientists and researchers test and validate their home health prototypes by giving them access to real world datasets.

Your New Insight

PATH will help ideate your thoughts and turn them to reality through addressing a broad range of scenarios.

High-Quality Results

Using the large collection of data the platform yields, AI models will be developed and trained further enhancing the accuracy of data interpretations.

Home health devices will be interfaced, tested and validated through a novel 3-layer pathway

Layer 1

Lab Testing

Smart home sensors and home health devices are being installed in at least 4 home-like laboratories across Canada. Different scenarios will be considered to debug the communication software to make sure both software and hardware are working to enable accurate data collection with required frequency and resolution.

Layer 2

Real-world Testing

Once devices ‘graduate’ from the first layer, they will be entered in Layer 2 where we will install the devices in at least 350 homes in Canada through our partnership with SmartONE Solutions Inc. We will have large enough numbers of participants to meet the needs of a modern trial where machine learning methods can be exploited.

Layer 3

Ideas into Action

In Layer 3, PATH will help the scientists, researchers and partners to commercialize their ideas and bring products to market. This will be done by feedback from the clients in Layer 2 where we will identify technologies that are commercially realistic. Successful Technologies may be offered partnerships with SmartONE and other PATH industrial partners.

Strategic Partners

Academic Partners (Affiliations)

Academic Partners

We brought together scientists and experts from well-known universities and research institutes